Our History

In the Winter of 2011, Pastor Jared Bridge answered the call from God to plant a church.  After reading I Chronicles 28:10 (CBS) one night, Bridge felt the call to start a new church.  Realize now that the LORD has chosen you to build a house for the sanctuary.  Be strong, and do it.”  Jared prayed, put out a fleece, and asked God to confirm his feeling by sending him a David with the plans for the sanctuary (1 Chronicles 28:11). 

Sure enough, three days later, Ryan Frazier, a church planter came to visit Hoffmantown Church where Jared was the Youth Pastor.  Ryan shared all of the amazing things that God was doing through their church plant.  Bridge sensed that this was the confirmation he needed and revealed to Ryan the vision that God had given him to start a church.  Ryan immediately offered his services for free.  He let Jared know that he would help him with anything he needed to get started.

Over the next few months, Jared would make even more connections and each of these connections gave him the support necessary to start a new church.  Bridge quickly met with Dr. Joseph Bunce, the Executive Director of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.  Dr. Bunce challenged Jared to find two churches to support him financially and to begin building his launch team.   Scott Wilson, the Missions Mobilization Director of the BCNM and John Torrison, the Director of the Central Baptist Association met with Jared and offered to support the future church plant and assessed Pastor Bridge, the planter.  Bridge crisscrossed New Mexico while cold calling on various pastors looking for support.  Pastor Tony Chavez of The Southwest Church and Pastor Talon Noh of Mountain Valley Church were the ones who answered the call and became Anchor Church’s financial and prayer support. 

During the Spring of 2012, Jared Bridge’s family, along with Andy Hennig, stepped out in faith and were the very first members of Anchor Church.  Andy was a police officer working the graveyard shift in one of the most difficult parts of town and agreed to be the Worship Leader for Anchor Church.  Together, they began praying for God to send then a launch team.  Quickly afterwards, Andy Hennig’s parents joined along with Jared Bridge’s parents and soon thereafter, his wife Tasha’s parents.  They jokingly said they didn’t want their kids to starve.  

On June 3, 2012, Mike Bridge’s birthday, they held their first launch team meeting in the living room of Jared and Tasha’s house. That summer, the temperature reached 104 degrees and as if things could not be warmer in the house, the evaporative air conditioner broke down three times.  These faithful few endured the summer heat and graciously accepted the BCNM’s invitation to meet at the Baptist Building on Wyoming. 

During the Fall of 2012, Anchor Church built its launch team and hosted three preview services at Dennis Chavez Elementary School.  On Jan 6th, 2013 Anchor held their first official church service to the public. After six years of meeting at the elementary school, God opened the door for Anchor to move to a larger facility located at Desert Ridge Middle School. 

In 2019 while at Desert Ridge Middle School, God gifted us with an Anchor South location which came with free rent and utilities for five years. One week before the coronavirus hit, Pastor Justin Pearson answered the call to be the pastor our Anchor South campus located on Central and Louisiana.  This did not stop him from planting though.  Aug of 2021, Justin launched out of Anchor with his core team to start Anchor South.  That same Sunday, Pastor Carl Anderson was launched out of Anchor to start Anchor West.  During the pandemic, God saw fit to merge Pastor Carl and Real Life Church into the Anchor family.  

The vision of Anchor Church has been, “Anchoring people to Christ by planting churches that love God, love others, and make disciples who do the same.”  God has allowed Anchor Church to plant Five daughter churches—Rio Church located in Old Town of Albuquerque, Achego Baptist Church (Kenya), Restore Church in the International District, Anchor West and Anchor East.  While the story of Anchor Church continues to be written, we are confident that God will continue to use us to plant churches that change the world for Christ.