The Anchor Residency

You don’t have to go outside the church to learn how to lead within the church. We believe it is the responsibility of the local church to train and equip the next generation of gospel-centered leaders (Eph. 4:12). This residency seeks to discover, develop, and deploy disciples that desire to know God’s Word and their unique design within God’s redemptive story.

The residency equips men and women who perceive a calling to vocational or lay leadership within the context of the local church. Whether exploring church planting, executive leadership, ministering or eldership, ministry residents receive equipping for service in the local church at every level. Residents will be given hands on ministry opportunities along with training and coaching by established leaders.


The Anchor Residency Program will include practical ministry experience, pastoral training, leadership development, church planting training and development, evangelistic opportunities and preaching development.


– Participate in the SEND Network Residency Gathering and Cohort

– Weekly ministry engagement

– Participation in staff meetings

– Community group involvement

– Lead elements of the weekend service

– Periodic pastoral development (funerals, preaching, weddings, ministry leadership, church finance, Biblical counseling, etc.)

– Receive ministry coaching from Executive Team.

Conferences and Events

• New Mexico Tupos Conference
• Send Network Gathering
• Monthly Network Event
• Evangelism Conference
• Annual State Meeting

The Anchor Residency is designed to help each Resident develop into the minister that God has called them too. At the end of Residency, those who have completed the program faithfully will pursue and obtain a few things:

1. Ordination – Residents who’ve finished the two years of training can pursue licensing and ordination in the third year.

2. Ministry Suggestion – The Pastors/Elders who have walked with the Residents through the program will, towards the end of the second year, put together a presentation of what they see the best ministerial fit for each Resident.

3. The Opportunity to Pursue Church Planting Assessment – Residents who are interested in planting (and some who are selected by the Executive Team) will be asked to go through assessment. These assessments will be done either through the Baptist Convection of New Mexico and The Send Network.

Helpful Resources
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