Our partnership in Kenya started on an exploratory mission’s trip during the second week of August, 2013. Through God’s faithful provision, we partnered with Houses with Hope, a non-profit that builds homes and provides medical care and educational opportunities for children and families in need around Africa. This led Anchor Church to Kisumu, Kenya, Africa. Jared Bridge and four others from several churches around New Mexico worked hard and sought opportunities to share the gospel with each home that was built in Kenya. By God’s grace, the Kenyans led 50 people to the Lord and built four homes for orphans and widows that year. Anchor Church has built sixteen homes and one church in Kenya since 2013.


In one rural village, Pastor Jared shared the gospel with a tribal elder named Richard Oloo. Richard was living a life apart from Christ and one rooted in his culture’s tradition—he had married two women. He was regarded in high esteem in the surrounding community. When he heard the gospel, Richard responded and trusted Christ to be Lord of his life. This one act of faith has changed his life and the lives of those around him. Richard began sharing the gospel with others and itinerant ministers regularly visited to disciple and evangelize the village.


Through this partnership, Anchor Church has helped plant a church of Christ followers and constructed a church building in this community. Achego Baptist is pastored by Daniel Calleb and it continues to bear fruit. It has grown to more than 90 in weekly attendance and keeps on growing. Since 2013, we have followed up and returned to Kenya to encourage the members of Achego Baptist and have taught Seminary to prospective pastors for this community.

Rio (Daughter Church)

Pastor Jared Bridge first met Pastor Bryne Palmer while at Lone Tree Bible Camp. Immediately, Jared saw that Bryne was a gifted minister. Many years later Jared’s dream of working in ministry with Bryne came true. During the Summer of 2016, Bryne accepted an invitation to pursue a church planting apprenticeship with Anchor Church in Albuquerque and within a few months, Byrne had formed a core team and launch team for services of Rio Church. For a year and a half, Rio Church incubated at Anchor Church and then constituted as a new church to reach the Old Town area of Albuquerque.


Over the ensuing years, Rio Church has made a welcome impact on Old Town, as there were no evangelical churches in that community when Rio Church introduced themselves and became part of the community. Currently, Rio Church meets at Regional Chavez Elementary School on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.


Jared and Bryne have enjoyed preaching in each other’s pulpits and currently share an office space located at the Anchor South Campus. Both Rio and Anchor are among the founding churches of the first-ever, multi-church SEND Network Church Planting Residency in New Mexico. Rio Church has the desire to plant a church in the future and one day will launch Anchor Church’s first granddaughter church.

Restore (Daughter Church)

Restore Church came about through the cooperation and support of a few different local churches. Anchor Church in North East Albuquerque sent Restore Church and we are still connected today. Anchor Church was given access to a building in South East Albuquerque and having Church Planting in their DNA they decided to plant a new church there. They began to pray for a church planter. At the same time Pastor Justin Pearson was praying for a church planting opportunity in the specific area where the building Anchor Church is located.

Justin reached out to the leadership of Anchor Church, with whom he had previously served, and they began to pray and plan together. He and his family moved to Albuquerque (his hometown) in March of 2020 to begin the work of planting Restore Church, formerly known as Anchor South out of Anchor Church.


Restore Church is supported by a number of individuals and other churches in Albuquerque, such as Hoffmantown and , who also sent out some of their people to be a part of their Launch Team.”


You can visit Restore Church on their website at

Anchor West (Daughter Church)

Anchor Church Westside began as a Bible study in the home of Carl and Laura Anderson. After leaving a ministry they had been a part of for years, Carl was searching nationwide for his next ministerial role. After many interviews and discussions, nothing seemed be a good fit. Carl was still certain of his call to ministry but was unsure what that would look like. Following a small surgery that left him bedridden for 1 week, he prayed, read, and sought the Lord’s direction for the next step of ministry.

An idea of planting a church came to mind, but seemed impossible at the time. The first step began as a bible study. Carl invited about 20 people to join him and his family for a bible study on Sunday mornings. Even though they only had a couple days’ notice, the first week saw 12 people attend. The following weeks quickly saw more people attending, and the core group voted to officially become a church. From 2014-2020, that church was known as Real Life Church.

Four months after starting, this new church no longer fit in the Anderson’s home, so we moved into Seven Bar Elementary School. This was a huge move for the church. We formed partnerships with the school where we were able to help them with maintenance projects and provided support, resources, and meals for the staff on multiple occasions.

We also saw a great outpouring of God’s working in people’s lives. Marriages were restored, mental health issues were being ministered to, people were being saved and baptized, pastors and leaders were developed, and the westside community was being impacted in great ways for the kingdom.

In 2016, RLC became an official funded church plant through the North American Mission Board (NAMB), in partnership with The Baptist Convention of New Mexico (BCNM). This also provided opportunities to join with other congregations in ministry and serving opportunities.

Through these partnerships, Carl met Pastor Jared Bridge and Associate Pastor Chad Spriggs of Anchor Church. In 2020, following the worldwide impact of Covid-19 and many other impactful events, a conversation started between them and their staffs about what combining fellowships would look like. The consensus was that we could do far more together for the Kingdom of God, then we could do separately.

In June of 2020, both boards officially voted to have Real Life Church become Anchor Church West. Through their ministry they saw God move in mighty ways. Many were saved, baptized and discipled. They saw marriage restore, children miraculously healed by God and people set free from their addictions. They gave away Tens of thousands towards missions and community service. God did some mighty works through this church.

In January of 2023, Anchor West closed as a church. The building that they were renting decided to end their lease with Anchor West. As a result, Pastor Carl and his church felt like the challenges of finding a new location were greater than their ability to forge ahead. Therefore, they sensed that God was brining this chapter of ministry to a close. We praise God for how He used this church in Rio Rancho.